Examining Va.’s voting districts with analysis

Staunton News Leader — Virginia Republicans significantly outnumber Democrats in both the U.S. Congress and Richmond, but according to an analysis of the way voting districts were drawn, that representation doesn’t necessarily reflect voting results as evenly as it could.

Virginia as a state has seven Republican to four Democratic U.S. Representatives and 66 Republican delegates to 34 Democrats in the General Assembly.

But the state went blue by almost 5 percent in the 2016 presidential election and has two Democratic U.S. Senators.

According to an Associated Press analysis, partisan redistricting — aka gerrymandering — may have played a role in those uneven results. Republicans have won a disproportionate number of seats compared to the number of votes they received in Virginia, the data finds.

They measured “wasted votes” cast for a winner beyond what was needed to win as well as votes cast for losing candidates. i.e. if a candidate defeated his or her challenger with 60 percent of the vote, 10 percent of the votes for the winner are considered “wasted,” because the vote went beyond what was needed to win.

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