Buckle up, California – redistricting looms

Capitol Weekly — We are just getting used to the current districts, but once again redistricting is about to rear its decennial head.

Few political activities are more partisan, more bitter than the once-a-decade process drawing of boundaries for lawmakers’ districts. Just this week, national attention was again directed at redistricting as he U.S. Supreme Court announced it was going to hear a case that will decide if partisan gerrymandering is constitutional.  We will watch this case, but the fact is that it shouldn’t have much, if any, impact on California, which has taken partisanship out of the process.

Some communities in past censuses have suffered from a significant undercount – such as Santa Ana, San Diego, the Coachella Valley and East Los Angeles.

To provide a preview of what is to come in California, we have created an interactive map of the state’s 53 Congressional districts using current census projections and voter registration data.  This tool allows you better understand the mid-decade projections and project to what could be the factors in the 2021 redistricting.

You can use the tools to select districts based on multiple criteria.  For example, you can select just the districts that are under population, or those that were majority-minority in 2011, or are currently majority minority using the latest census estimates.  Hovering your mouse over any district will bring up additional details.

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