Pennsylvania’s Cumberland County

The Sentinel — The Cumberland County Commissioners are again trying to get the political weight of Pennsylvania’s county-level governments behind redistricting reform.

The commissioners adopted a resolution Monday endorsing the idea of a nonpartisan citizens’ commission to redraw the state’s legislative boundaries, and requesting the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania to adopt the same.

“This is reaffirming our support for a constitutional amendment for an independent citizens’ commission to redraw district lines,” Commissioner Jim Hertzler said.

 The previous iteration of the proposal came within two votes of being formally adopted by CCAP, Hertzler said.

The idea of an independent redistricting body is an alternative to the current system, which has been widely criticized. Pennsylvania’s constitution specifies that redistricting be performed by a legislative commission, consisting of appointees of the state’s House and Senate majority leaders.

Those four members then select a fifth member, who may be picked by the state Supreme Court in case of a deadlock.

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